Top 10 Best Parrot Foods of 2022 Reviews

Best Parrot Foods Reviews

What are the best parrot foods? This article features ten of the best parrot food you can use to feed these beautiful birds. We as a whole know the ability of this bird to copy sounds that they hear, making them unique and special. However, they need the right nutritional parrot food for a healthier and happier life.

Besides being palatable, this food likewise needs to provide the majority of your parrot’s nutrient requirements. While some parrot owners like to supplement their parrot’s meals with fresh fruit and veggies, selecting a complete and balanced parrot food means you can rest easy knowing that your parrot’s nutritional requirements are completely taken care of.

However, a quick glance at every one of the options out there shows that there are many different sorts of parrot food. Some are a pelleted blend of nutrients, and others contain a blend of fruits, seeds, and nuts to encourage natural foraging behavior. In any case, what’s best for your parrot? Our reviews are designed to help you answer that question!

Our team conducted thorough research and testing to find the best food for parrots available in the market today. We asked avian nutritionists and food experts to list the top bird food available commercially, bringing substantial benefits to the parrots.

Best Parrot Foods Reviews.
Best Parrot Foods

10 Best Parrot Food Reviews

1. Kaytee Forti-Diet Health Parrot Food

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  • Enriched with Omega 3, which helps support the brand and heart of the birds
  • Excellent blend of ingredients; contains natural and fresh seeds
  • Improves healthy skin and feathers
  • Pack fresh and clean for an excellent taste which the birds like
  • Uses durable and resealable packaging bag


  • It contains bigger seeds which are not suitable for tiny parrots

The top-notch parrot food brand should provide every one of the essential nutrients that birds need to be healthy constantly. Furthermore, this feature is what this parrot food from Kaytee brings the moment you start giving it to parrots and different visitors in your backyard.

I was surprised the moment I started putting it in my bird feeder. The parrots seem to love it, which was not my expectation because I know the birds are very selective with the food they eat. They used to throw a lot of seeds on the floor, however, this bird food was different because they were eating almost everything.

I’m likewise impressed by the ingredients of this parrot food. It is actually a balanced blend of seeds, nuts, and peppers. I can say that this product is formulated with wholesome and palatable ingredients which promote natural foraging behavior absurd.

This parrot food likewise brings a lot of benefits to the birds physically with every one of the nutrients it brings. In fact, the parrots look very healthy, and the feathers are very gleaming. It helps enhance the skin and feathers for healthy and vibrant plumage.

It additionally comes very fresh, and the seeds look very clean. Freshness is one of the many reasons why parrots love to consume it. Meanwhile, it likewise comes with a resealable packaging bag that helps keep

Overall, this product is the best seed for parrots, with an excellent mix that every one of the parrots loves to eat. The birds love it since it’s very fresh and smells so lovely. What’s more, not an excessive number of big seeds as well, which are perfect for parrots.

2. Bird Street Bistro Parrot Food

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  • Formulated to suit all bird sizes
  • It uses all-natural ingredients with no artificial flavors and preservatives
  • Excellent blend of ingredients without any fillers
  • Excellent source of vitamins to provide a lot of healthy benefits to the birds
  • It can be cooked quickly by as fast as 3 minutes


  • You need to cook this bird’s food

Depending on the size, not all birds can eat bird food quickly, especially those tiny birds. However, this issue has a solution for giving this parrot food from Bird Street Bistro Store. This parrot food is formulated to suit all birds of all sizes and can even be cooked as fast as three minutes.

I am so impressed with the natural ingredients being used in this parrot food. I’m talking about freeze-dried fruits, air-dried vegetables, organic whole grains, savory, and, surprisingly, healthy spices. You will find no fillers or even artificial additives. All are a great-smelling variety of ingredients for healthy goodness.

This healthy food for parrots is additionally an excellent source of nutrients to keep the birds healthy constantly. This bird food is an excellent source of vitamins C and K, which helps in keeping the bird’s feathers shiny and healthy. It likewise helps enhance the birds’ immune system, making them immune from illnesses.

Likewise, I was impressed by the nice smell that this bird food brings after cooking. The birds can easily smell the lovely scent making them want to immediately eat the food. It smells so good and has excellent taste, as well, as seen by the parrots’ eagerness to eat the bird food.

This bird food can likewise be added with additional ingredients such as chopped vegetables to give an extra treat to the birds. It likewise enhances the nutrients the birds will receive. It likewise helps in making the bird food last longer.

This organic parrot food is unique in its own manner. The formulation is very simple, healthy, and delicious and brings a lot of health benefits to the bird. Its natural ingredients are likewise an excellent advantage for birders who want organic bird food to feed preposterous.

3. TOP’s Parrot Pellets Food

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  • It uses all-natural and organic ingredients
  • Specially formulated for small and medium-sized parrots
  • It does not contain any artificial coloring, artificial flavors, and preservatives
  • Excellent source of vitamins and minerals
  • Well-packed and naturally fresh


  • Leaves dust after the birds eat

This bird food from Top’s Parrot Food Store is formulated for smaller and mid-size parrots. In my experience, the size of the seeds or pellets can be a factor ridiculous to eat the food or not. Furthermore, on the off chance that you have small and middle-sized parrots as pets or these birds frequently visit your backyard, this small parrot food is an excellent choice.

Likewise impressive is the combination of ingredients being used in this bird food. This parrot food is blended with all-natural ingredients, bringing essential nutrients to the birds. It does not contain any artificial colors, flavors, and, surprisingly, unnecessary additives.

The organic ingredients being used in this product are organic sunflower seeds, organic barley, organic pumpkin, cinnamon, and many other organic ingredients. Additionally, the pellets are cold-pressed to help in keeping the natural nutrition intact until the birds eat the pellets.

The pellets additionally feel amazingly fresh, which makes me confident enough for this bird food provides the best nutrition to the parrots. I additionally like the overall quality of this parrot food, which does not contain any filler seeds that the birds would rather not eat.

The only issue with this bird food is that it tends to leave a lot of dust after the birds eat. When the parrots eat the pellets, the part which isn’t eaten will turn to dust and leave a lot of waste on the ground.

Overall, an excellent pellet will easily fit the taste of parrots. The best small parrot food provides an excellent source of nutrients. The airtight packaging likewise helps in keeping it fresh always.

4. Wild Harvest WH-83542 Diet Parrots Food

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  • Excellent mixture of natural ingredients
  • Formulated to provide superior nutrition to the parrots
  • The seeds are very fresh and clean
  • Promotes complete nutrition to parrots and other small birds
  • It uses a high-quality flip-top container


  • Not ideal for larger parrots due to the tiny seeds

Nutrition is always an essential factor in choosing a parrot food. You need to select bird food that will meet the nutritional requirements of the parrots. This premium parrot food from Wild Harvest is formulated to give the parrots precisely what they need in terms of the essential nutrients required.

Apart from the unique formulation, this parrot food takes pride in using the best ingredients. It comes with an incredible mix of seeds and vegetables, which is carefully chosen for the parrots to eat. The blend comes with a lot of tasty seeds and grains for the parrot to appreciate.

This bird food additionally offers complete nutrition to parrots and other small birds. Giving this parrot food to the birds means a healthier and more active parrot. In fact, a few months after giving this food, the birds look healthier and always happy, especially during supper time.

Apart from the excellent seed selection, I’m additionally impressed by the freshness of the seeds the moment you open the container. This parrot is so fresh and smells lovely. The scent will encourage the birds to eat every one of the seeds in the feeder.

I’m likewise impressed by the uniqueness and quality of the packaging. This bird food provides more convenience using a screw-top container. It’s probably the best packaging I have ever seen in bird food and is better than a resealable bag.

Overall, this parrot food is an excellent treat for the birds. I’m impressed by the quality of nutrition it gives to the parrots. Yet, what is impressive is the unique flip-top containers which are more durable and less messy than using resealable bags.

5. Hari Hagen Tropimix Parrot Food

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  • It uses an all-natural blend of ingredients
  • Excellent source of vitamins and amino acids for perfect feather structure and color
  • It will provide optimum growth and muscle formation
  • Specially formulated for large parrots
  • Quick and easy to prepare


  • Bag not resealable

Nutrients are always important for every bird’s food as they help make the parrots more alive and healthier. This parrot food from Hari Store is formulated for large parrots as it provides several varieties of food that help in making the birds satisfied while getting enough nutrients needed for their body.

What is impressive is the excellent blend of natural ingredients carefully selected to satisfy all parrots. The ingredients include legumes, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and palatable grains. These wholesome and nutritious blends are specially formulated for large parrots for their dietary needs.

This product is likewise an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, which the birds need to be healthy and free from sickness. It additionally comes with essential amino acids and vitamins, which are needed for growth and healthy feather structure and vivid colors.

Additionally impressive is the freshness of this bird food as it looks very clean and fresh the moment you open the packaging bag. It additionally looks very clean and smells delicious as well, which the birds immediately like because of the scent. The ingredients are likewise free from husks and shells, making them a 100% healthy and edible food blend.

I additionally like that this parrot food is so easy to get ready. Actually, there is no preparation needed. You should simply add a mixture of this parrot food to similar parts of hot water for you to have the option to convert the birds into a pelleted diet.

This parrot food smells fantastic and comes with an all-natural blend of ingredients that are beneficial to parrots. This bird food is an excellent source of nutrients needed preposterous to be healthier and livelier.

6. Sweet Harvest Parrot Bird Food

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  • Formulated with premium and natural ingredients
  • With no filler ingredients, which means less waste during mealtime
  • It does not include artificial colors, flavoring, and preservatives
  • It comes very fresh and has a lovely smell
  • Made with a high-quality and resealable bag


  • Tends to leave waste after eating

This parrot food from Sweet Harvest takes pride in having a premium mix of seeds dedicated to parrots. This seed mixture will bring about increased consumption and less waste since the ingredients are completely selected for the parrots to eat.

This cheap parrot food comes in excellent quality. It comes very fresh and clean, which is very impressive for a seed mix. The freshness likewise brings about a charming smell the moment you open the packaging bag.

I additionally like that the ingredients are composed of all-natural ingredients brimming with vitamins, minerals, and different nutrients. You will find no filler ingredients, which means lesser waste falling into the ground. You will likewise not find artificial colors, enhancements, or additives in this seed mix.

In the event that you are simply starting to use this parrot food for your birds, you will immediately notice the healthy changes in your parrots connected with their psychological and physical prosperity. The birds will have very bright feathers and healthy skin. They will likewise be alive and active, wandering around your backyard.

I additionally like the quality of the packaging bag, which is essential in keeping the birds fresh. It has a resealable feature, which is essential on the off chance that you always want the seeds to be fresh until they are completely consumed.

In my long periods of using several bird seeds, this product is one of the most dependable parrotlet food. Its quality, freshness, and cleanliness are really impressive. The formulation of excellent seeds means it provides nutrients for healthier and livelier parrots.

7. ZuPreem Natural Pellets Parrots Food

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  • Formulated to be healthy and delicious for the benefit of the parrots
  • Excellent source of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals for a balanced diet
  • Daily feeding results in a healthy and balanced diet
  • With an all-natural flavor and no artificial flavoring
  • It can be mixed with fruits and veggies


  • Tends to leave waste after eating

As an enthusiastic birder, I only want the best food ridiculous visiting my home. The best means giving them healthy and delicious bird food that is fresh, clean, and natural. Also, these characteristics are what this parrot food from ZuPreem will provide to the birds visiting your backyard.

I truly like the nutrition that this parrot food brings to the birds. This bird food is formulated with essential minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, which helps provide the birds with the balanced diet they need. You should simply give this bird food every day to have serious areas of strength for an of the bird’s diet.

I can in any case recall when I started feeding these pellets to the bird, which dispensed with my approach to constantly mixing the nuts and seeds since the birds only love the pellets. Using this parrot food is much more cost-effective yet at the same time provides a healthier diet ridiculous.

Likewise, on the off chance that you have been feeding bird seeds to your birds, I recommend attempting these pellets, which is a healthier choice. Assuming that the parrots find it too big, you can cut it in half to accommodate the size of the bird’s beak. After some time, the parrots will eventually like this bird pellet. You will likewise see the difference, such as the bird’s color being brighter, gentler, and healthier.

I additionally like the size of the pellets, which are formulated for small parrots. The birds can swallow easily because the size is barely enough. Actually, the birds can eat by mellowing it with water or without depending on the preference of the parrot.

Overall, this parrot food comes in excellent quality. This bird food is an excellent other option on the off chance that your birds don’t eat bird seeds. Likewise, there is no artificial fitting, no artificial colors, and additives. This bird food will provide the nutrients needed in making the parrots healthier than previously.

8. Higgins 466145 Vita Seed Parrot Food

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  • Excellent blend of fresh and natural ingredients
  • It provides vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients
  • Packed fresh and smells lovely
  • The size of the seeds is enough for the parrots to eat easily
  • It uses a high-quality resealable bag


  • Too many sunflower seeds

Higgins’ parrot food is a seed-based diet formulated around a great seed mix and an excellent blend of every natural fixing. The bird food will provide the needed nutrients needed for the parrots to live healthier and happier every day.

The quality of the seeds in this bird food is really impressive. Actually, a premium mix of seeds attracts even the pickiest parrots. A few ingredients include sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, papaya, banana chips, raisins, clamshell, and many more.

The freshness is likewise obvious the moment you open the packaging bag. It smells very fresh and looks clean, which means the seeds are of excellent quality and new. It additionally smells good, which is probably why the parrots like it immediately when I previously put it on the feeder.

Meanwhile, the size of the seeds is large enough for the parrots to hold. You won’t find anything in this product seeds that are so tiny, which will eventually be thrown or get wasted. It additionally means that there will be less waste on the ground after the parrots eat.

This parrot likewise comes with a durable packaging bag. You can easily open the bag and smell the freshness and the natural ingredients prior to giving it to the birds. The bag likewise comes with a resealable feature which is essential in keeping the seeds fresh until every one of the seeds is consumed completely.

Overall, this bird food is a good quality seed for parrots. The product is loaded with fresh ingredients selected to meet the taste of the parrots. The bag comes with a resealable feature which helps in keeping it fresh until every one of the seeds is completely consumed.

9. Lafeber Premium Daily Diet Pellets Food

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  • Formulated with complete nutrition
  • It uses all-natural and organic ingredients
  • No artificial flavors, coloring, and preservatives
  • Excellent source of nutrients for a healthier and active parrot
  • It uses a durable and well-sealed container


  • Only one flavor

Birds cannot eat seeds or millet only. Giving them pellets can likewise be done to provide variety in what they eat. Despite the fact that it’s debatable, it is said that giving pellets will make the parrots healthier, and happier, and lives longer. So, this parrot food from Lafeber is an excellent choice to have a variety of bird food to feed the parrots visiting your home.

This product is a nutritionally complete parrot food. It is rich in omega 3 and 6 and cancer prevention agents that help support healthy skin and feathers. It will likewise help enhance the immune system to protect the birds from sickness.

Likewise impressive is the quality of ingredients being used to form this bird food. Which are all natural and human-grade ingredients. You will find no artificial enhancement, no artificial coloring, and no artificial additives. Only natural seeds are mixed, shaped, and packaged in the US of America.

I likewise like the size of this pellet which is exactly what a parrot wants. In fact, the pellet has enough size for the parrot to hold, which additionally helps in preventing the birds from throwing those small seeds, which normally won’t be eaten by the birds.

Another impressive feature is the excellent container always used to keep the pellets fresh. The container comes as a very much fixed and firmly closed plastic canister, which helps keep the pellets fresh and clean until such time that everything will be given to the parrots.

This product is an excellent pellet food for parrots. You will find no artificial stuff in it as it
only natural ingredients that can provide nutrients to the birds. It is likewise packed in a very much fixed container, making it fresh all the time until it is completely consumed.

10. Vitakraft Super Fruit Cocktail Parrots Food

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  • Formulated with natural dried veggies, nuts, and fruits
  • Excellent supplement for the parrot’s diet
  • Well-packed, fresh, and smells good
  • Provides variety for the birds needed to maintain a healthy and happy life
  • Uses a resealable packaging bag to maintain the freshness


  • Contain a lot of peanuts

The ingredients are very essential in looking for parrot food. It should be appropriately selected with the expectation of giving the best ingredients to the parrots. This bird food from Vitacraft comes with a formulation that uses ingredients that parrots love to eat such as pineapple, banana, papaya, peanuts, carrots, and many more.

If you have a picky parrot but want to change this propensity, I recommend giving this parrot food an attempt. My own picky parrot likes this bird food and I truly don’t have the foggiest idea why. It’s probably because of the blend and ingredients which are composed of dried fruits, veggies, and nuts which the parrot loves to eat.

Another explanation is probably the freshness and cleanliness of this bird’s food. The moment I opened the packaging bag, the smell was so good it was comparable to human food. No big surprise that the birds are immediately excited every time I put this bird food in the feeder.

This parrot food will provide the needed nutrients for the parrots to have an active and healthy way of life. It provides the variety the parrot needs to be free from sickness and delay the bird’s life. This parrot food is likewise a great supplement for the bird’s customary diet.

All the more importantly, this bird food comes with a top-notch packaging bag with resealable features. This feature will help in keeping the treats fresh constantly even during stockpiling until such time that every one of the foods is consumed.

The parrots truly love these treats. It is all around packed and fresh inside. It is likewise very clean and smells so good which truly increases the parrot’s craving. The variety and the nutrition it gives to the birds make this product one of the top parrot foods I give to my birds.

Buying Guide For The Best Parrot Foods Reviews

Best Parrot Foods Reviews
Best Parrot Foods

Can we just be real, choosing the right parrot food can be a headache because of several options available in the market? However, there are things that you can consider to direct you in choosing the best one for your birds.

Type of Parrot Food

The principal thing to consider is the kind of food you will purchase since there are different sorts of parrot food to choose from. The most well-known is probably the seed mix and a [ellet structure. The seed mix includes a mixture of different seeds, nuts, grains, and different ingredients.

Then, at that point, there is the pellet structure which is certainly not a conventional find but on the other hand, is effective in giving the right measure of nutrients to the birds. Likewise, most pellets contain a blend of seeds, grains, and nuts yet structure in another way. You can likewise combine these two kinds of parrot food alongside additional fresh vegetables and fruits. Be that as it may, you need to figure out which is the best one for your parrots.

Quality of Ingredients

One more factor to consider is the quality of the ingredients of particular parrot food. A lot of companies planning bird food use different sorts of ingredients to come up with particular bird food. In any case, you need to look for all-natural ingredients because it is more nutritious and provides vitamins and minerals to the parrots for a healthier life.

You should keep away from artificial ingredients because it does not carry any benefits to the birds. Artificial ingredients include artificial coloring, artificial flavors, and, surprisingly, artificial additives. You likewise need to keep away from ingredients with several filler seeds because parrots will keep away from these seeds and will only become waste.


It is likewise an unquestionable necessity for you to look at the freshness of parrot food. You should guarantee that a particular brand will always have fresh seeds inside the packaging. In my long periods of purchasing bird food, I now and again see a few products that are not fresh and very old. A few even had bugs and soil inside. You should stay away from this present circumstance from occurring.

How can you say whether it is fresh? As you open the packaging bag, you can easily recognize that the seeds are clean. Fresh additionally means that the scent of the seeds is lovely and the smells should be so good.


The size of the parrot food is likewise essential as it decides whether the birds will eat it. Actually, the size of your parrot will figure out what kind of bird food you should purchase. For a small parrot, choose a parrot food that is formulated for small parrots. For medium and large parrots, choose the one that is ready for their size.


The packaging is essential in the overall quality of parrot food because it helps keep the seeds fresh all through. There are packaging as a container canister which is for me the best in terms of durability and keeping the seeds fresh constantly.

Then, at that point, there is the packaging bag with a resealable feature which is probably the more famous packaging type you will find in the market. However, whatever the packaging of a particular bird food, make sure that it is of excellent quality and will protect the seeds constantly until all are consumed.

FAQs – Best Parrot Foods

Best Parrot Foods Reviews...
Best Parrot Foods

What is the Best Seed Mix for Parrots?

The best seed mix for parrots includes a blend of seeds that they love to eat. These seeds include barley, canary, buckwheat, corn, flaxseeds, hemp seed, milo, oats, pumpkin, quinoa, sunflower, and many more. If you want to make a seed mix or simply purchase commercially, make sure to have these seeds as ingredients.

How much Food does a Parrot eat per Day?

Avian nutritionists and veterinarians recommend basically ¼ cup for small birds and ½ cup of pellets each day for large parrots. For bird seeds, consider giving the birds something like one to two teaspoons during supper time.

How much does Parrot Food Cost?

A bag of bird food is roughly around $9 to $20. By and large, the cost of food alone should be about $200 to $400 each year per bird. This sum should cover only the food cost and does not include different costs.

Conclusion – Best Parrot Foods

The best parrot food provides nutrients to the birds so they are healthier and free from sickness. Parrot food should likewise be formulated with seeds that the birds love to eat. All the more importantly, parrot food should help make the birds healthier and more alive.

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