Top 5 Best Cranberry Supplements For Dogs In 2023 Reviews

Best Cranberry Supplements For Dogs

How to choose the best cranberry supplements for dogs? When checking out the best cranberry supplements for your dog, it can easily become a confusing search of multiple ingredients, multiple brands that seem to offer the same products, for different prices, and gaining the ability to pull your hair out. In the event that you’re one of the large numbers of people who need the best for their furry friend, it’s completely understandable that you might find yourself arriving here, searching for a method for differentiating what means what in the doggy-nutrition world and trying to find the best cranberry supplements for dogs.

Below, we discuss some of our top picks. Not only that, but we’ll talk you through giving your dog cranberry tablets, sachets treats and chews – meanwhile passing you some essential information that all owners require before giving their dogs cranberry treats. On the off chance that you still aren’t sold on the benefits of cranberry for dogs, read on and decide for yourself whether they’re something you and your pup might be interested in!

Best Cranberry Supplements For Dogs
Best Cranberry Supplements For Dogs

5 Best Cranberry Supplements For Dogs In 2023 Reviews

1. Zesty Paws Cranberry for Dogs

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  • Recommended for picky eaters
  • Tasty cranberry chewable
  • Improves tinkle issues


  • Chewables need to be broken down

These chewable treats for dogs come highly recommended, with well over 750 positive reviews online. While some tablets can be hard for dog owners to convince their pups to try, these are the best cranberry tablets for dogs because they’re chewy and flavored-so your four-pawed friend will inevitably see them as nothing more than a delicious treat for being such a good girl or boy!

Praised for its ability to assist dogs who suffer from a lot of urinary tract infections, this cranberry dog treat seems to have an uncanny ability to help aid with the healing of water infections and issues with the urinary tract. These chews combine the power of concentrated cranberry with D-Mannose and Marshmallow Root to help aid your dog’s digestive system and flush out any toxins that might be lurking in your dog’s stomach, kidneys, liver, or bladder.

2. UT Support Cranberry for Dogs

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  • Works for all breeds
  • Provides quick relief
  • Ideal for balancing pH levels


  • The tablets are a little hard

Next up, we have treats that are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C. Made with a special formula with apple cider vinegar, this supplement can balance out pH levels. In the event that you’re hoping to choose a natural alternative, this is the one. The chewable tablets additionally relieve constipation, provide nutrients, clean ears and remove tear stains. The formula does not include any potato, gluten, avocado, or animal digestion, making it completely natural and holistic for your dog to chew and enjoy.

The tablets will help to clear UT infections with the goal that your pet can run around very much like before. Suitable for both small and large dog breeds, everything being equal, COCO and Luna’s products are manufactured in the USA and are approved by vets, the products are additionally hypoallergenic so on the off chance that your pup is sensitive, you can ponder purchasing this product.

3. PetHonesty Cranberry For Dogs

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  • Helps get rid of bladder leakage
  • Soft chews, easy to eat


  • Some dogs may not like their soft texture

Does your dog develop crystals in urine over time? Then you should try these out. These cranberry supplements will normalize your pet’s bladder muscle function, helping the kidneys to do their job while balancing the pH levels to get rid of painful urination. The supplement won’t only aid with UTs, but it’ll likewise boost your dog’s immune system.

Because they’re made with natural, wholesome ingredients like cranberry, marshmallow root, and D-Mannose, you can trust nature to do its job without delay. D-Mannose will flush out bad bacteria that reside in your puppy’s bladder, while cranberry will prevent infections in the future. The supplement acts as a kidney detoxifier, and it is completely safe for your lovely pet to consume. Free from harsh chemicals, soy, and GMOs, the product is vet-reviewed and recommended for pets who face UTIs frequently.

4. NaturVet Cranberry Relief

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  • Grants instant relief
  • Tasty cranberry treats
  • Comes with a resealable cup


  • The treats might be a little dry

Hitting our list as the best cranberry powder for dogs, NaturVet’s Cranberry Relief is made using only a few, natural, organic ingredients. While this means that the powder is unflavoured, it does make it easier to add as a dusting over their current food of choice, or even mixed in with some natural yogurt or similar (providing your pet doesn’t suffer from any allergies, of course!).

Once you hit regular use, you won’t need to offer this on a daily basis anymore, since the effect of the cranberry dosage for dogs builds up over time. This is great for folk who work and are unable to give regular amounts to their pup during that time after three weeks you’ll simply need to give it to your pup twice per week. As well as this, customers seem to highly rate the potency of the cranberry powder itself, noting that the product began working really quickly.

5. Nutramax Crananidin Pet Supplement

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  • The tablets last long
  • Clears out frequent UTIs


  • Recommended for mild bladder issues

As the best cranberry pill for dogs, these tablets by Nutramax have been hailed as a near-miracle by a lot of its customers. While cranberry tablets for dogs can sometimes be a little difficult to administer, these tablets are scored down the side to help with the administration. Of course, they are still similarly as effective when wrapped in cheese, so don’t worry a lot about this!

While these can be slightly costly, the tablets themselves only need to be given in half-doses, as a rule. Therefore, each pack of 75 usually lasts over three months, at which point any recurrent UTI’s seem to have disappeared, according to most customers. Indeed, it seems that a significant number of the reviewers/customers were directed to this particular brand by their vet, so it certainly seems that these might be the best cranberry tablets for dogs, available without a prescription.

Best Cranberry Supplements For Dogs Buying Guide

Best Cranberry Supplements For Dogs.
Best Cranberry Supplements For Dogs

Cranberry Products — Are They Good for Gogs?

It’s an excellent question-after all, numerous things that are good for humans are, in fact, very bad for dogs. Luckily, this isn’t the case when it comes to cranberries. While the details of the benefits of cranberries for dogs can be seen below, the central thing to remember is that, when in doubt, consistently ask your vet for their recommendation.

There have been multiple studies to suggest that cranberries definitely have a positive effect on the two dogs and humans. While researchers still debate concerning the reasoning of the benefits, there is, for the most part, a general consensus among research groups that regularly eating cranberry extracts can aid with digestion, circulation, and mood. Of course, research on dogs is few and far between, so we rely on many studies which have been undertaken on humans for these answers, so there is every chance that the similarities between our digestive tract and our dog’s tract may, in fact, be very different. All things considered, hundreds of users of cranberry tablets for dogs are in total agreement that the introduction of cranberry extract to their dog’s diet has led to an improved lifestyle and fewer UTIs.

Likewise, with all things, the key to the proper administration of cranberry treats for dogs is moderation. Since these acidic fruits are high in sugar, they can eventually begin to have negative effects on your canine companion, should you feed them an excessive number of cranberry capsules or chews. More details on these can be found below.

Why Should you Use Cranberry Supplements for Dogs?

Not only do cranberries come packed with fiber, which helps aid the digestive system in your pooch, but they likewise reduce tarter and plaque build-up, fight bacteria through your dog’s system and even help to prevent cancer. On top of this, they likewise provide a great source of Vitamin C and potassium. These can help prevent numerous health issues, including strokes, diabetes, hypertension, and even heart disease.

As well as the many benefits listed above, the biggest and most well-known benefit of cranberry supplements for dogs is their ability to aid with current urinary tract infections (Uti’s) and prevent further outbreaks of Uti’s. Cranberries do this by preventing bad bacteria, such as E. Coli, from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract, as well as helping the urine remain acidic and, therefore, inhospitable to many types of bacteria which can cause Uti’s. As well as this, numerous cranberry treats that are designed for dogs likewise come with a secondary ingredient, such as echinacea or D-Mannose, which aid in the creation of good bacteria.

Can Cranberry Help to Prevent Dog Urinary Tract Infection?

While the answer to this is still a big point of contention between researchers, most would agree that there is considerable anecdotal evidence to suggest that cranberry capsules for dogs certainly seem to have a positive effect. In particular, dog owners often discuss their frustration with antibiotics, which seem to only help with the issue once the infection has begun, while cranberry extract for dogs seems to be more than helpful at fighting off recurrent episodes of Uti’s.

Possible Side Effects of Cranberry Supplements

Should your dog decide that he or she really does like cranberry treats, it very well may be understandable that you might wish to use them as a regular treat. Unfortunately, an excessive amount of cranberry extract can lead to an upset stomach in dogs, meaning that you’re likely to be dealing with diarrhea, vomiting, and even some moodiness. These should pass once you stop feeding them any more cranberry extract but do speak to your vet on the off chance that they don’t pass in any less than 48 hours or you have some other concerns.

Such a large number of cranberries can likewise lead to a build-up of calcium oxalate stones in the urinary system, which can lead to infections, themselves. Therefore, it’s important to constantly follow the recommended dosage. It’s likewise important to remember that, while cranberries are good for dogs, other fruits (such as raisins) act as a poison once in your dog’s system, so do be sure to get only the correct dog treats cranberry tablets and/or cranberry supplements for dogs.

FAQ – Best Cranberry Supplements For Dogs

What dosage is best for my dog?

Most cranberry dog treats will come with their own, specific details on the amount to give your pup. Of course, on the off chance that you’re hoping to give your own versions, or even the fruit itself (should your dog have a sweet tooth and enjoy the tart taste of cranberries), it’s a good idea to follow a basic dosage. By and large, the advice given is about one, 400mg capsule per day, per 20lbs. In this way, assuming your dog is 40 lbs, you should feed them two capsules. Of course, each brand has a different measure of cranberry extract, which loses that equation a little. In this case, I decided to do a little math, based on the serving size given in our top product-Zesty Paws Cranberry chews. In each serving size, the ingredients gave 200mg of cranberry extract per chew, and they suggest one chew per 25lbs. Consequently, it very well may be assumed that assuming your dog is 50lbs, you should be trying to manage 400mg of cranberry extract each day, generally.
In view of the above, don’t forget that most good vets won’t mind offering you a quick piece of guidance in the event that you’re battling with doses. Remember that we all need what’s best for your pup, so assuming you are ever confused, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and ask!

Can I feed my dog fresh cranberries?

On the off chance that you’re content with a little, juicy mess and your dog is glad to have crude cranberries, then there is absolutely not a great explanation for why you shouldn’t feed your dog fresh cranberries. Naturally, you’ll need to check that they’re washed and ready for eating since nobody believes any nasties should get into your dog’s system. You’ll likewise need to check that you’re not feeding your dog excessively, as such a large number of cranberries can give your dog an upset stomach. Personally, I do feel that it is easier to feed your dog cranberry treats as they tend to work out more economically, as well as having exact measurements and, as an added bonus, the flavorings that make them quite delicious to your pup. But assuming you have some cranberries left over and were wondering if they could be alright to feed your dog, then you’ll be glad to realize that you have nothing to fear. Clean, fresh cranberries are perfectly safe to feed to your dog (providing they don’t have any allergies, of course!).

Can I give my dog cranberry juice for a urinary tract infection?

The number one reason for most cranberry supplements for dog sales is the ability to help with urinary tract infections (Uti’s) and it is absolutely possible to give cranberry juice to your dog to help with this. As above, there are a number of things that you should keep in mind assuming that you intend to regularly feed your dog cranberry juice, including the measurements, the cleanliness, and your dog’s allergies. Do keep in mind, assuming you’re hoping to treat your dog to cranberry juice, that you might need to read through the ingredients to check out how much cranberry is actually used in each bottle. It seems to be a regular occurrence in our modern-day society that we very rarely get genuine, fresh cranberry juice. Instead, many bottles come as “juice drinks” or “from concentrate” which means that cranberry drinks are not only a product of a filtered fruit, which has usually been rehydrated but likewise can contain added sugars and liquids including glucose, food coloring, etc. Needless to say, these can be very bad for your dog and can cause long-term health problems, on the off chance that not taken into consideration.

Real fruit is in every case much better for your dogs – and your – system. Not only does it contain all the good stuff, with none of the messing around, it additionally has the added bonus of fiber, which can be filtered out of some juices. At long last, it’s important to note that fruit juices tend to cause a spike in the body’s sugar absorption, while whole fruit digests more leisurely, creating a longer-enduring impact.

Last verdict: Best Cranberry Supplements For Dogs

Supplements can be a tricky thing to look for. Most supplements are tested or approved by the FDA, so it’s entirely a matter of trust with the manufacturer. I generally find myself asking whether the ingredients in the supplement actually do what the bottle says they can do, and I’m pretty leery about using supplements with such a large number of artificial ingredients.

In view of that, you don’t have to worry about any of those concerns with the five supplements that we recently discussed. Every one of them is veterinarian-recommended, and they come highly rated by consumers. A large portion of them offer a satisfaction guarantee, as well, so it’s a no-risk purchase to try for yourself.

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