How To Stop Dog From Peeing In House?

How To Stop Dog From Peeing In House?

How to stop dog from peeing in house? Have a dog that pees recklessly in the house from time to time? Are you embarrassed by these actions and would want to stop the same? Have you been seeking relevant solutions to the problem? We are glad to let you know that you have come to the right place if you nodded to any of these questions.

Indeed, our aim in the conversations that follow is to answer this fundamental question, ‘What can I spray to keep my dog from peeing in the house?‘ To do this, we shall examine the leading kinds of sprays that have proved effective along with some of the leading brands.

What Can I Spray To Keep My Dog From Peeing in the House?

How To Stop Dog From Peeing In House
What Can I Spray To Keep My Dog From Peeing in the House?

Below are three main kinds of sprays that have been noted to deliver exceptional outcomes:

Homemade sprays

Homemade sprays that are produced by mixing distilled white vinegar and essential oils rank tops. These are suitable for those who have no money to purchase expensive yet powerful sprays. The sharp scent of this solution deters the dogs from getting near there and possibly peeing.

Natural dog deterrents

A host of natural dog deterrents also exist for your choice and subsequent use. Acetic acid for instance works great in scaring the dogs away from a designated area. It also comes with its own odor that ultimately neutralizes of the pee smell to make the room occupants very comfortable.

Carpet sprays

Certain carpet sprays have also been noted to do a great job of deterring dogs from possibly peeing in your carpets. Their formulations scare away the dogs so as to prevent them from encroaching and the designated location within the room. They are not the best though owing to their limited potency.

Leading Dog Spray Brands

How To Stop Dog From Peeing In House...
How To Stop Dog From Peeing In House?

We now leave you with five of the leading dog spraying brands you may attempt:

1: Nature’s Miracle

This brand is famed for producing tough and potent sprayers. Its line of products is all things considered capable of eliminating tough urine, vomit, feces, and drool alongside many other organic odors and stains. Its citrus scents deter dogs from encroaching within the sprayed area and prevent the same from peeing there.

2: Thornell A.O.E Animal Odor Eliminator

As its name implies, this brand is mainly intended to eliminate animal odors. This is a feat it largely achieves by preventing the pets from peeing in the house in the first place. It goes beyond that to similarly neutralize the odor and make the same less smelly.

3: Pet Organics

If you cherish nature, you have the Pet Organics for your own use. It derives its powerful ingredients wholly from nature and is subsequently devoid of any chemicals in its composition. Though derived from nature, its ingredients are still tough and powerful enough to deter dogs from peeing in the home.

4: Rocco and Roxie

Though primarily meant to eliminate the odor after the dog has already peed, this brand also acts as a deterrent to the dogs in the first place. It mainly emits a sharp scent that scares away the dogs. Then again, its scent is sharp and neutralizing to the extent of diminishing the sharpness of the smell of the dog urine.

5: PetSafe

PetSafe closes the list of the most reliable brands you may test. Unlike the other brands, this tends mainly to use non-chemical deterrents. Its products mainly employ wireless containment systems to prevent pets from intruding within a designated location. That also goes a long way in minimizing uncalled-for intrusions.


Dogs peeing unnecessarily in your home is not a habit you can tolerate. You really need to prevent them from doing this at all costs. We believe that the remedies and the brands we have highlighted and explained above have what it may take for you to achieve this end more effectively.

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